I’m working alongside a very wide range of people to make a difference in City and Hunslet. If you want to join in, that’d be great. If you want to help out with a particular project or event (eg all those listed here), just drop me a line (contact details below).

Or if you’re keen specifically to get involved with this ‘political’ stuff, here are some ways to do so…

  • Share your ideas and concerns about the community here, to help (continually) re-shape the giant shared community ‘manifesto’.
  • Talk to your friends, family and everyone you know (online, and/or in the real world), make sure they’re registered to vote (it takes 3-4 minutes online, here; the deadline for the General Election will be mid May), then please come out and vote on election day.
  • Help us deliver leaflets (like these, here; we do this year round, not just at election time), put up posters and banners, create murals, or anything that will get people talking and working for good local change (ideas very welcome!).
  • If you want to donate money to pay for all the 1000s of leaflets etc, that would be very kind: please get in touch.

Many many thanks for any help that you’re able to offer.


Twitter: @edleeds


This website is produced and promoted by Ed Carlisle, on behalf of Leeds Green Party, at 20 Harlech Avenue, Leeds LS11 7DT.