To give a fuller sense of me, and the projects and events I’m involved in, here are news articles and more that feature me. (Seriously, apologies: I’m not normally self-promoting like this. But I think it goes with the territory if you throw yourself into the political sphere…)

I was on Radio 4’s ‘Today’ programme in the lead-up to the current General Election: click here (6.52am).

The nice people at Made in Leeds TV have had me on their current affairs programmes a few times, talking about community events and issues in south Leeds, regional devolution, and more (pictured above).

We’ve had lots of coverage on the Holbeck viaduct project these last 3-4 years, like this YEP piece, and (again) quite a bit of stuff on Made in Leeds TV (eg this interview I did in late 2016).

The past three summers (2014-2016), I’ve helped lead on the major Den Building Festival, which got a fair bit of coverage – eg this article, in the YEP.

I’ve written for Leeds City Magazine (formerly City Dweller) a bit over the years – eg this blog for them, on ‘Politics: A Reboot?’, and this one on revitalising local politics.

I do quite a bit of writing for South Leeds Life. Click here to see some of the articles I’ve written over the years. (My all-time favourites remain these pieces, in April 2014 and 2016 respectively, about the possibility of switching the postcodes of 10,000s of south Leeds residents, and the proposal to introduce a metric term system into Leeds schools.)

Following the London bombings in 2005 and even up to now, Beeston Hill (where I live, and which makes up part of the City and Hunslet ward) has had a load of media attention about those events. Here’s a short radio interview from a few years back, with me and a good mate of mine talking about our experience of (and love for) life in the community here.

And here’s a video clip of me doing one of the presentations at a Bettakultcha event at the Belgrave in town, on political disruption. And here’s another older one I did, in Beeston Hill, talking about ‘alternative economics’.

(Top image courtesy of Peg Alexander, from Made in Leeds TV.)