HELLO, thanks for stopping by. We’re the Green Party in ‘Hunslet and Riverside’*, in south and central Leeds. Please have a look around, and get in touch anytime.

Do you love Leeds? Do you believe we could – together – change our city and communities for the better? Fantastic: let’s get to work.

We’re regular people, who live in the heart of the local communities here, who love our city, and have for many years worked with others to make this area better.

We’re all fairly new to politics – but are, like many people, fed up of politics that’s faraway from normal life, that makes no difference in our communities.

We believe local councillors should live in the communities they serve. (Our current councillors all live on the far side of the city.) And we believe in a politics that listens to people, that gives them a voice, and that works with them for positive change.

So we and our supporters are out and about doing community work year-round: coordinating events and projects, working with other local residents on community issues and campaigns, and much more. We’re hands-on, and we get things done.

And we’re standing in the forthcoming Leeds local/council elections on Thursday 3rd May 2018. We ran active campaigns in the last local elections in 2015 and 2016, and came a strong 2nd both years. With this year’s election being an unusual ‘all-out’ vote (find out more on that here), it presents a golden opportunity to break through and start making things better around here.

Whatever you think of national politics**, we need change. We need to make politics work for people again. Please stand with us, and let’s work together for the good of our city and communities. Thank you!

* ‘Hunslet and Riverside’ is the new name for the Leeds City Council ward formerly known as ‘City and Hunslet’. It includes Beeston Hill, Hunslet, and much of the city centre. Read more here.

** To find out why local politics and local elections are very different to national politics and elections, and why many Labour members and voters support us in the local elections, click here.