HELLO. Like many people, we love Leeds and its communities, especially those in south and central Leeds – where we’ve lived, worked and volunteered for many years. (More on Ed, Mary, and Alaric – the 3 Green Party candidates this year – here.)

The 3 of us all live in ‘Hunslet and Riverside’* in south/central Leeds (*the new name for the Council ward previously called ‘City and Hunslet’, which includes Beeston Hill, Hunslet, and much of the city centre); and we’re all active in the communities here. We’re standing for the Green Party in the forthcoming local/council elections for this area on Thursday 3rd May 2018. Please stand with us, and let’s create change together.

What’s the problem? The 3 of us are all fairly new to politics. We didn’t set out to get involved with politics, but – like many people – got fed up with seriously poor local representation in this area. Here in ‘Hunslet and Riverside’, we’ve been let down and overlooked for too long – by (Labour) councillors who live faraway, are rarely around, and who don’t understand our communities. Whatever you think of national politics and parties, we need change here.

What are we doing about it? Ed stood in the local/council elections for this area in 2015 and 2016*, and – thanks to the many local people who pitched in and supported – came a strong 2nd both years. Here in Hunslet and Riverside, it’s us or Labour – and a growing number of Labour voters and members are actually switching to us in the local elections too. (*There was no local election in 2017, although Ed also stood in the surprise General Election for the wider constituency of Leeds Central.)

But more importantly, we and our supporters (some of them Green members, many not) are out and about doing community work year-round: coordinating events and projects, working with local residents on community issues and campaigns, and much more. We’re hands-on, and we get things done.

What now? This year’s local election on Thursday 3rd May offers a golden opportunity to start to change things for the better in our communities. It’s an ‘all-out’ election – meaning that we each get 3 votes, to choose the 3 councillors we want. Previous ‘all-out’ elections have seen major break-throughs for new people and smaller parties. Please stand with us this May, and beyond – and let’s make things better together.

(**This website has previously been just Ed’s site, for his elections. We’re still repurposing it for the whole team. Thank you for bearing with us!

The world is changing fast. Politics as we know it seems lost. We’ve failed to create a humane, secure society – and we’ve trashed the planet. Change is coming – and that’s no bad thing. But now can we best navigate it together?

We need fresh ideas. The established ideas of a good society and economy are bankrupt. But we can choose a new path, and start to create a different future.

The Green Party is a small party with inspiring ideas, and a big heart. We’ve long fought for a society that’s more secure, equal, vibrant, healthy, living in balance with the planet. Click here for our 2017 manifesto, and my local priorities. And we’re a people’s party, not funded by big donors – but shaped and powered by regular people passionate about their communities and a better society.

Secondly, we need to restore power in our communities. For 15+ years, I’ve lived, worked, and volunteered with a wide range of people here in Leeds Central, to develop action for change. I love this city.

And until 2015, I’d never been involved in ‘politics’ – but I felt local people deserved a positive alternative to the same-old stale establishment. So I joined the Greens, and stood in the local elections in 2015 and 2016. Huge thanks to all those who supported me, to the thousands who voted for me (we came a strong 2nd both years) – and for all the incredible encouragement from friends and strangers alike.

Since then, I and the great people around haven’t gone anywhere: we remain out and about in the local area – working and talking with local people to try to make things better. (Click here for what I’m involved in.)

And I’m now honoured to be running for Parliament in Leeds Central. (Click here to watch our short Leeds Central 2017 election video; and click here for more info about the election.)

On Thursday 8th June this year, we face a choice: accept more of the same-old – or break from the past, and start creating a different future for ourselves. Let’s go!